What happens if I miss my IEP for Medicare?

If you miss the IEP (Initial Enrollment Period), you can enroll during the GEP (General Enrollment Period) between January 1st and March 31st. The coverage will begin July 1st. Keep in mind that if you miss your IEP, there could be a late enrollment penalty once your benefits start.

When is the General Enrollment Period (GEP)?

The General Enrollment Period (GEP) is for Medicare-eligible individuals who did not sign up during their Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) which is based on birthdate. The General Enrollment Period is from January 1 – March 31st every year. Your coverage starts the month after you sign up. Unfortunately, most individuals who miss the IEP, who…

When can I add Part B to my Part A Medicare?

IEP: If you apply for Part B during “Initial Enrollment Period or Open Enrollment Period”, you won’t have to pay a late enrollment penalty. GEP: If you apply for Part B during the “General Enrollment Period”, the coverage will be effective July 1st. If you delay your Part B and do not have creditable health…

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