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It all started with grandma and grandpa...

First-hand experience with the complexities of Medicare showed Rosamaria that when it comes to Medicare planning, education is crucial.

Her Grandma Maria and Grandpa George – or more affectionately, YiaYia and Papou – experienced large out-of-pocket costs for their healthcare even though they had Medicare. YiaYia fought an eight-year battle with ovarian cancer; neither she nor Papou had the energy to understand why their healthcare costs were so high, while the quality of long-term care was so low. Besides, we all know this is the last thing a person should have to be concerned with during such a difficult time. 

It was then, during her high school and college years, that Rosamaria found herself taking care of her grandparents at home while trying to help her mother understand Medicare’s intricate policies. Although she did eventually find better coverage for her grandparents, many of these burdens could have been avoided if they had received the education necessary to make more informed decisions.   

This experience compelled Rosamaria to educate other seniors about Medicare coverage gaps and their healthcare options. Shortly after YiaYia passed, she obtained an insurance license in her home state of New York to educate clients on Medicare benefits so they could take a more active approach in their healthcare choices.  

After moving to California, Rosamaria has expanded her knowledge base of healthcare networks and state laws so her team of compassionate agents can advocate for Medicare beneficiaries nationwide. This evolved into establishing Trusted American Insurance Agency in 2014, which operates Trusted Medicare Answers.

rosamaria marrujo

As President and CEO, Rosamaria is committed to using her business as a platform to change the industry. Our vision is to be the leading example of how the insurance industry sees the individual. Our goal is to make insurance human again.

“We promise to see you as a real person – not a number. We promise to do the right thing by you – because this is your healthcare, not ours. And we promise to go the extra mile – because we care.”

Rosamaria Marrujo
President and CEO
Trusted American Insurance Agency

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