What is an MA-PD?

An MA-PD is simply a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes a Part D (Prescription Drug Plan). There are many Medicare Advantage plans available to choose from – some with and some without a Part D plan included. If a Part D is included, you may hear them referred to as MA-PDs.

What is “Original Medicare”?

Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B are often referred to as “Original Medicare.” This government health coverage program is a fee-for-service plan, meaning you usually pay a fee for each service. Medicare will pay an approved amount up to a certain limit, and you will pay the rest. The alternative to Original Medicare is…

What is a Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) Plan?

Private insurance companies can offer a consumer-directed Medicare Advantage Plan, called an MSA Plan. These plans combine a high-deductible insurance plan with a medical savings account that you can use to pay for your health care costs. With these plans, you can generally choose your health care services and providers.

Does Medicare cover hearing, vision, or dental?

Original Medicare (Parts A and B) does not cover hearing, vision, and dental, such as dental, vision and hearing exams. Usually, Medigap plans don’t cover them either. But many Medicare Advantage Plans include preventative coverage for hearing, vision, and dental.

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