The Power of Superfoods for Seniors

Boosting Health and Vitality Greetings Retirees!  As we age, our bodies require specific nutrients to maintain optimal health. Proper nutrition […]

Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Summer Safety for Seniors

Staying cool and safe is exceptionally important for older adults. Follow these simple summer safety tips for seniors to help stay healthy during hot weather.

Medicare Coverage for Travel

Medicare Coverage While Traveling

Depending on how you receive your Medicare benefits, whether it is through Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan, you might be on the hook for higher costs for medical services while you travel.

Medicare and Alzheimer’s Care

Medicare and Alzheimer's Care

Medicare covers many of the services needed for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. Learn more about what Medicare does, and does not, help cover when it comes to Alzheimer’s care.

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