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Does Medicare Cover Eyeglasses

Does Medicare Cover Eyeglasses?

Original Medicare does not include routine vision care, which means it generally will not pay for eyeglasses, contact lenses, or eye exams. Read to find out more about Medicare coverage for vision care.

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senior couple packing up to move

What Happens to My Medicare When I Move?

Are you currently enrolled in Medicare and considering moving to a new city or state? Before you do, find out what moving means for your Medicare plan and options that you will have when you move to a new state. Notify Your Provider It is important to notify your Medicare provider to avoid any lapse

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Ways to Save on Medicare Costs

One of the best ways to save on Medicare costs if you are enrolled in a Medicare Supplement, Part D, or Medicare Advantage plan is to do a careful review of your Medicare coverage every year.

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VA benefits and Medicare

VA Health Care and Medicare

Are you a Veteran about to turn, or just turning, 65? Wondering how VA coverage and Medicare will work together, or if you even need Medicare coverage if you have Veterans Affairs health benefits? We put together the following expert answers and valuable information to help you transition to Medicare as a veteran.   VA

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