9 Free Medicare Services You Can Take Advantage Of

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The hustle and bustle of the holidays are starting to subside, and you may have questions about your current health status. If you were one of the millions of Medicare Beneficiaries who took advantage of this last Annual Enrollment Period, your new plan should have taken effect on January 1st. Now is the time to take advantage of some of the free Medicare services offered to you. These preventive screenings can help you to stay on top of your health and get the help you need if there is an issue.

“Welcome to Medicare”/Annual Wellness Visit If you have been on Medicare Part B for less than 12 months, you can take advantage of the “Welcome to Medicare” visit. This visit will allow your doctor to discuss your medical history and future goals you have for your health. If you have been on Medicare Part B for more than 12 months, you are eligible for a free Annual Wellness Visit, every year. You can review your medical history with your doctor and reassess your health goals.

Mammogram – An annual screening mammogram is free, however, if you require a diagnostic mammogram, you will pay 20% copay and the Part B Deductible. Speak with your doctor to find out which mammogram is appropriate for you.

Colonoscopy – Colonoscopy screenings are covered once every 10 years. If you are at high risk for colorectal cancer, you can be eligible to receive a colonoscopy screening every two years. Speak with your doctor to find out how often you should be receiving a colonoscopy.

Diabetes Screening – You can be eligible for two free Diabetes screenings if you meet certain requirements. Some of the requirements include high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, are obese, have a family history of diabetes, or had gestational diabetes when you were pregnant.

Prostate Cancer Screening – An annual prostate screening is free, however, if you require a digital rectal exam, it will cost you the 20% copay and the Part B Deductible.

Vaccines – Certain vaccines are covered by Medicare. The Annual Flu shot, vaccines to prevent infections such as pneumonia and Hep B shots are covered.

Cardiovascular Disease – You can receive a free yearly visit with your primary care provider to help lower your risk for cardiovascular disease.

Lung Cancer Screening – Low-Dose Computed Tomography tests can be free if you are between the ages of 55 and 77, have no sign of lung cancer, are a smoker, have quit smoking in the last 15 years, and have a tobacco smoking history of at least 30 years.

Behavioral Health Screening – If the screening is conducted in a primary care center where follow-up and referrals are available you may qualify for a free depression screening. Co-pays may apply for follow-up appointments.

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