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This is What to Do if You Qualify for IRMAA Payments

Imagine this: you’ve just received a notice in the mail saying you’ve failed to properly pay your IRMAA and your coverage is officially dropped. Your heart is in your stomach, and you’re freaking out. How did the late payments get this bad? Where were you even supposed to send in
Medicare Free Screenings, trusted medicare answers
The hustle and bustle of the holidays are starting to subside, and you may have questions about your current health status. If you were one of the millions of Medicare Beneficiaries who took advantage of this last Annual Enrollment Period, your new plan should have taken effect on January 1st.
Medicare and Glaucoma, Trusted Medicare Answers
Glaucoma is such a gradual deterioration that many people don’t detect this disease until it’s advanced stages. It is important to understand how to use your Medicare benefits when it comes to eye care. The best way to prevent and detect glaucoma and other eye diseases is to have regular